Symposium Innohort 2015

Symposium INNOHORT 2015

“Innovation in Integrated &
Organic Horticulture”

La Structure Fédérative de Recherche (SFR) Tersys soutient l’organisation du Symposium INNOHORT 2015 “Innovation in Integrated & Organic Horticulture” qui se tient du 8 au 12 juin à Avignon sur le Campus Hannah Arendt, site Sainte Marthe de l’Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse.

Laurent Urban Innohort 2015

Aim and Scope of the INNOHORT Symposium 

The production of fruits and vegetables will have to improve in the near future, in order to feed a growing and knowing population, while facing global changes and environmental issues. This entails limiting the dependence of horticulture on external inputs, promoting high standards of produce quality and maximizing ecosystem services.

INNOHORT symposium has brought together researchers from a wide horizon, to share their views and knowledge to design the integrated and organic horticultural cropping systems of tomorrow. Scientific breakthroughs also rely on the integration of different forms of knowledge in the innovation process.
One ambition of this symposium was also to examine to what extent gaps can be bridged between scientists from different backgrounds, between researchers and stakeholders, between research and action.

  • Topic 1 : The biological dimensions of production (quantity and quality, nutritional and organoleptic): new knowledge to mobilize, from gene to the fresh product.
  • Topic 2 : Plant responses to biotic and abiotic stress factors: mechanisms involved, interactions and prospects for applications to organic and integrated production.
  • Topic 3 : Crop and quality management: cultural and post-harvest practices at various organisational levels.
  • Topic 4 : Design and evaluation of integrated and organic horticultural systems: innovative cropping patterns and management methods.
  • Topic 5 : Performances and their evaluation criteria: from field to food (qualities and standards).

Pour de plus amples informations, merci de vous référer au site Web dédié à l’événement.

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